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AP PAVERS can offer Asphalt pavers in all sizes from mini to large. All models can be equipped with laser levelling devices for an optimum finish.


The SprayJet allows asphalt to be continuously laid over hot sprayed bond coat. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, providing the highest quality of finish.


The Super 1303-3i is a highly versatile paver of the compact class which, thanks to its small size, handles a wide range of most varied surfacing tasks including combined footpaths an cycle paths, farm track applications or minor roadways.


The VOGELE 1800-3i is our largest paver and comes equipped with very high compaction screeds making it perfect for major schemes such as motorways, bypasses etc. An increased field of application facilitates the paving of roller compacted concrete.


Thanks to its compact size, variable pave width and excellent performance, the SUPER 800-3i easily handles paving jobs such as footpaths, cycle paths, small areas, applications on public grounds as well as repair and reinstatement work.


The SUPER 1803-3i is the most powerful wheeled paver in the range of VOGELE products. At a high level of perfection, it combines features such as sturdy and reliable material handling, large pave widths up to 8m, excellent mobility and easy transfer under.


The VOGELE 1603-3i cleverly provides all the technology and capabilities of a large asphalt paver in a smaller more mobile size. It excels in a wide range of applications from routine commercial tasks to highway operations.

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