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Voegele 1800-3i brings new dynamic to AP Pavers

AP Pavers has strengthened and expanded its existing fleet of VOGELE pavers to include the 1800-3i TP2 tracked paver. This paver has the ability to lay RCC, CBM and HBM materials making it the most versatile machine yet, and AP sees this as an opportunity to diversify without venturing too much into the unknown.

With a maximum pave width of 10m and a laydown rate of 700 tonnes per hour, the 1800-3i boasts a highly productive output. There was a special focus on making this paver more ergonomic, economic and ecological than previous models, which is where the 'Ecoplus' package derives from. Fuel consumption and noise levels have been significantly reduced, and the new user-friendly operating system 'Ergoplus 3' provides a number of additional ergonomic and functional advantages.

The benefit of this paver being on tracks is that because powerful separate drives are fitted into the sprockets for the crawler tracks, engine output is translated into pave speed without there being any loss of power. Large footprints on the crawler tracks provide maximum traction, enabling the paver to progress at a constant speed over challenging terrains. The 1800-3i can operate impressively not only when moving straight, but can negotiate cornering with complete accuracy due to the separate drive and electronic control provided with each crawler track.

The VOGELE 1800-3i is powered by a modern, liquid-cooled Cummins engine that develops 127kW at just 2000 rpm. Uniform heating of the screed is guaranteed by the splitter gearbox directly driving the generator. Cost efficiency can be ensured by using the Ecomode on the paver, operating with just 116kW at 1700 rpm is adequate to complete numerous applications cheaper and quieter.

"The paver and screed technology of VOGELE not only produces perfect results when it comes to asphalt paving. Well-founded know-how is also needed for highly cost-effective and high-quality paving of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC). This has been demonstrated in Indianapolis, USA, where RCC and asphalt were paved using the combination of SUPER 1800-3i paver and AB 500 High Compaction Screed in TP2 version. As the degree of precompaction is crucial in this process, the machine technology of VOGELE was predestined for the job."

AP Pavers purchased the 1800-3i equipped with TP2 high compaction screed primarily to lay RCC, another reason for choosing the machine is the fact that it can be deployed onto normal asphalt laying duties when required. This flexibility allows the 1800-3i to work with a variety of different materials with ease as well as being suitable for many jobs that conventional pavers are not.

Following many years of successful business growth and investment, AP Pavers has now become the UK's leading paver hire and supply specialist. We are proud to be working alongside WIRTGEN in providing the UK construction market with the most technologically advanced machines.


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