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Planing the Road Ahead

Continuing to expand, AP Pavers now hosts an impressive four W100 CFis and two W120s in our planer fleet. The demand for compact milling machines has increased substantially and with the arrival of the newest W100 CFi imminent; AP Pavers is leading the way in providing cutting-edge technology to the consumer.

Flexible. Manoeuvrable. Productive.

With a milling width of 1m, and milling depth up to 330mm, the W100 CFi is suitable for a range of jobs from small car parks to large highway projects. This is due to its capabilities in combining the size of a small machine with the productivity of the bigger machines. Material can easily be loaded thanks to the extremely large conveyor slewing angle of 60 degrees to the left or right, making difficult job sites much easier to work with.

The milling drum unit comes with a multitude of automatic features making the operation of the machine easy and efficient. Potential for wear and tear is reduced to a minimum whilst precise milling results are still guaranteed.

Points to note:

  • Partial repairs of roadways.

  • Layer by layer removal of road pavements.

  • Milling works under cramped conditions.

  • Removal of complete road pavements.

  • Production of specified surface textures (fine milling).

  • Levelling irregularities in the surface course.

The chassis is distinctively narrower than other models, offering the operator a better view of the front. In addition, the operator's platform can be hydraulically displaced 200mm beyond the edge, thereby providing a clear view ahead to the milling drum assembly and the front right-hand crawler track. And, thanks to the machine's camera system, the left-hand milled edge or material discharge is always clearly visible to the operator too, via a high-resolution display.


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