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No mess, No fuss, No wheel-tracking!

By now I am sure you are aware of the many benefits surrounding the SprayJet paver. The point of this article is to explain the reasons why these benefits will make any construction worker's life much easier, with less mess and less fuss.

Of course, the spray tanker can apply the bond coat as well as the SprayJet, which nobody is disputing. However, it is obvious that however hard the tanker tries, it simply cannot avoid making a complete mess from tracking and pick-up. In turn, the bond coat sealing of the layers is hugely compromised, and therefore the life of the road is at risk of early failure.

Bond coat is an essential part of road construction, and its purpose should not be overlooked. In practice, these bond coats tend not to be applied consistently.

A huge advantage of the SprayJet is its ability to spray hot bond coat and then lay the asphalt directly after. The bond coat is given enough time to 'break' before the asphalt is laid, however, no other vehicles are needed which eliminates the risk of tracking problems and contamination.

Another issue that seems to have been significantly overlooked is the health and safety implications to lorry drivers delivering the materials. To quote a recent comment on one of our promotional images for the SprayJet, a haulier mentioned a very good point:

Great machine!! When tipper lorries remove it, it creates hazardous driving for miles down the road while the tack coat balls up, flicks off the wheels and hits everything in its vicinity! Not to mention the drivers getting on their boots when they jump out to drop the mud flaps! Sticky feet on pedals are also a danger, along with the mess left on the steps, pedals and floor!! Spraying direct from the paver has so many Health and Safety benefits as far as the haulier goes!

The SprayJet is a clean and efficient alternative to the old-fashioned methods, and offers a cost-effective solution to these prominent issues. The 5 actual individual spray bars have 6 nozzles at the front, 7 to each side and 2 directly behind each crawler track - allowing full coverage. These are operated from a touchscreen display on the driver's dash, and can easily and precisely be changed to suit a particular area. How simple, yet effective.

If you think that this paver could solve all your paving woes then why not ring our office now to discuss your requirements and find out more about this fantastic machine. Call us now on 01889 560920.


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