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Paving thin overlay. Why we should start using this more.

Paving a thin overlay is a cost-effective asphalt paving method that is primarily used for rehabilitation or renewal of the surface course. The layer thickness is generally no more than 1 to 2cm, so is regarded as being a cost-effective method, with savings of up to 50% of the material cost.

This technique can be used on all traffic areas, but is ideal in urban areas, as paving thin overlay does not require any costly adaptation of kerbs or other pavement fittings.

Using the VÖGELE 1800-3i SprayJet; thin overlay can be paved on a spray seal three to five times faster than with conventional asphalt paving. The bitumen emulsion is sprayed and the asphalt layer placed by the SprayJet in a single pass. This way, job site vehicles never drive over the sprayed surface and never damage the emulsion film.

Short construction time due to fast progression of the roadworks and quick reopening of the road to traffic - saving both time, and money.

The quality of the finish is very good as the process used creates an excellent bond between layers. Perfect sealing is only achievable because of the SprayJet, any other method would result in the emulsion being tracked away by crossing job site vehicles.

By giving effective protection of the existing base, this ultimately adds up to a long service life for the road. High initial and permanent roughness of the resurfaced road are also guaranteed, providing a strong and safe surface.

Mentioned above are just a few of the key advantages of using this process... But this technology has been proving its value for many years and is being used for rehabilitation and construction projects in many markets around the world.

AP Pavers will be able to provide two different services to the industry from small scale to large. The first is to supply the 1800-3i SprayJet with our specialist operator only. Possibly suiting the larger contractors.

The other option is providing not only the 1800-3i SprayJet and an operator, but also the emulsion bond coat and all associated technological needs whilst working the job - to sum it up this option provides the full package!


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