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New Bobcat precision laser grader


AP Pavers is happy to announce the arrival of a new bobcat attachment in the form of a laser precision grader.

Tripod-mounted laser transmitters guide the grader around the site with ease. The lasers receivers (located on the grader) pick up the beam from the transmitters and automatically adjust the grading blade for maximum accuracy.

Time and money-saving, the grader is not only fast and reliable but also achieves a high-quality finish - height is accurate within 6mm and slopes are accurate to 0.01%. Also, this version of grading is up to 70% faster than using a 360 excavator.

Some of the most used applications with this grader are:

  • Car Parks

  • Equestrian Arenas

  • Race Tracks

  • Concrete Flooring Preparation

  • Sports Field Construction

Due to the highly accurate finish overage is reduced from typically 3-5% to just 1% with the use of the Laser Grader. Labour costs are reduced due to there being no need for grade check crews, and the machine can be driven by a single operator.

This highly versatile machine is capable of performing many different tasks, and AP Pavers is pleased to of extended the amount of attachments available in order to open up a wider market. Our laser precision grader and bobcat T590's are now available for immediate hire - please call the office on 01889 560920 to enquire.


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