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Just Adblue

AdBlue. The latest in 'clean air' technology for pavers.

So what is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a non-toxic liquid, colourless in appearance and is made up of a solution of water and urea. With the emissions laws being ever tightened within London, and other urban areas soon to follow suit, it is essential for ALL vehicles to be as clean as possible - including pavers, to create a better future.

AP Pavers is well equipped to handle this situation. As a company we endeavour to only run newer pavers that include the VOGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package - several of which also use the latest AdBlue technology.

Using a sophisticated gas after-treatment; the engines of all VOGELE pavers comply with all of the strict standards of European emissions level 3b as well as Tier 4i of the US standard EPA.

VOGELE use a SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system, which is a process designed to remove nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide from a vehicle's exhaust gases. It works via a liquid solution of urea that is injected into the exhaust gas of the paver, and that solution is also known as AdBlue.

The efficient combustion in turn facilitates lower fuel consumption and provides economical benefits to the customer -a win-win situation.s a catalyst in a chemical reaction that eliminates the nitrogen oxide and dioxide. Water vapour and nitrogen are all that'- s left, both of which are naturally occurring and harmless.

The efficient combustion in turn facilitates lower fuel consumption and provides economical benefits to the customer � a win-win situation.

SCR technology with AdBlue is now becoming increasingly common within commercial vehicles, as an effective way of combatting emitting pollutive gases into the atmosphere. So why is this not commonplace within pavers? Well it is now, especially with VOGELE.

Whilst many may not be aware of the exhaust gases emitted by pavers, AP Pavers do. As the crackdown on pollutive gases from other vehicles continues within the capital and other major cities, pavers seem to have been forgotten about. These are large machines emitting huge amounts of nitrogen oxide and dioxide into the environment, and AP has the solution.

All of our pavers are '3i's this means that they are not only economical, but also extremely clean. The 'i' stands for intelligent emissions control; and can be found on ALL of our VOGELE pavers.

AP Pavers are now investing in more AdBlue pavers for the future; the latest deliveries within our fleet that are equipped with this technology are the VOGELE 1303-3i, 1600-3i and 1803-3i. All of these pavers are available to hire from within our Uttoxeter or London base. We look forward to hearing from you very soon - give us a call on 01889 560920 to discuss all hire requirements.

Finally, do you know how many dirty pavers are in London today? A lot - that's the problem we all need to recognise!


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