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A big winner for a small contractor

The VOGELE 1800-3i SprayJet is set for a busy summer. On hire with Elite Groundworks, the SprayJet is currently working a job on a new Industrial Estate located on the outskirts of Stafford.

The use of the SprayJet is now setting a precedent for other smaller contractors. Elite Groundworks is a contractor local to AP Pavers, and it is fantastic to see that they are embracing this new technology with open arms and appreciating the quality difference that this machine can achieve.

The VOGELE 1800-3I SprayJet uses a system that sprays the binder directly in front of the mix being laid, this avoids the well-known problem of the tyres on the tarmac delivery lorry constantly rolling over the just sprayed emulsion. It is then followed immediately by aggregate. It is the most economical and clean alternative to previous methods yet.

The Standard for Highways Works series 900, clause 920 and also the BS594987 clearly states that all layers should be bond coated. Any layers that have been left overnight, MUST be bond coated in preparation for the next layer. This new rule puts additional pressure on tankers to provide their service in a timely fashion as and when needed, which is not always possible. However, the SprayJet has the ability to spray on demand.

This is now becoming the norm within the industry, and whilst exceptions are still being made for some contractors, the leniency will soon wear off. The rules are set to become more rigid in the future, and to be using the bond coated is expected - not just advised.

The bond coat provides a seal for the surface of each layer and prevents the ingress of water, which is a known cause of early-life structural fail in roads and pavements. This allows for fewer interventions and a lower life cost. The correct coverage is essential in order to boost the life of the road and there is only one machine that can consistently offer the quality and accuracy that is now expected.

The VOGELE 1800-3i SprayJet is the most technologically paver currently within the industry - you simply will not find anything remotely comparable. The SprayJet does the job of both the paver and the tanker; without the added issues associated with having the tanker on site, and also providing the increased spray coverage that is so necessary to future-proof the surface.

Using the SprayJet allows for more flexibility, especially on smaller sites where delays from other external sources can cause more problems. With the bond coat already integrated with the paver, there is no issue with having to deal with these delays. Elite Groundworks were forward thinking in deciding to use an integrated paver that can do all of the surfacing and spraying - maxmising efficiency on site.

Admittedly Simon Jackson of Elite Groundworks says: Ordinarily, I would get the tanker in. However, having now tried the SprayJet would he go back? "No." is the simple answer!

The VOGELE 1800-3i SprayJet is the only paver that can provide the quality that Staffordshire Council expect nowadays and AP Pavers are the only paver hire company in the UK that can provide you with this paver. Not only is it clean, efficient and accurate - but also provides an affordable option to the smaller contractors who need to know that a job is going to be done well at a good price.

Advantages of the technique

  • Excellent bond between layers, perfect sealing and effective protection of the existing base add up to a longer service life for the road.

  • When the SprayJet is used no possibility of delivery lorries driving over sprayed area and contaminating the neighbourhood.

  • Shorter construction time due to faster progression the road works and quicker reopening of the road.

You need a Spray Paver

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