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Why hire a tracked paver from AP Pavers?

Versatile, manoeuvrable, efficient. These are just a few of the adjectives AP Pavers would use to describe the VOGELE range of tracked pavers.

The name VOGELE has been synonymous with pavers for as long as most people can remember. Over recent years there has been a big push to improve and evolve tracked pavers to help them become more appealing to the construction industry.

Huge advancements in technologies have led to tracked pavers rivalling wheeled pavers much more closely. Overall rideability has improved tremendously which has led to many operators now enjoying the tracked pavers just as much, if not more, than wheeled pavers.

Whilst tracked pavers have been around longer than wheeled pavers, they have not always been as popular. There was a surge for wheeled pavers when everybody realised that they were much quicker - not only in paving but also in transporting. It has only been in more recent times that with continued improvement, rubber tracks have made a comeback after enough development into finding a solution to the issue of the tracks not lasting. If you want to read up on our article surrounding the 'Tracked vs. Wheeled Pavers?' debate, then please click here.

VOGELE have produced a top class range of tracked pavers that AP Pavers are pleased to be able to hire out within the industry. As the UK's leading paver hire and supply specialist we have made it our job to only provide our customers with the most recent machines that we know will fulfil their demands.

The VOGELE 'Super' range that AP Pavers can provide includes, but is not limited to, a large selection of VOGELE 800-3is, 1300-3is, 1600-3is and 1800-3is. Having such a wide variety means that AP will always have a paver that is suitable for the job.

The VOGELE 800-3i is the smallest out of the four. This paver may be 'Mini' in size, but it really does deliver excellent performance. It can easily handle most jobs; and with an adjustable pave width from 0.5-3.5m thanks to the AB 220 TV Extending Screed this pavers versatility shines through. Due to its compact dimensions this machine is the ideal option for paving in highly confined sites. Steering is extremely precise due to the traction drives being in closed loops, making the 800-3i a must have for any smaller jobs.

The next in the range of VOGELE pavers is the 1300-3i. This compact road paver is a popular option for many contractors due to it being a versatile size whereby anything from a cycle path to a main roadway can easily be covered. The 1303-3i wheeled version has less traction than the 1300-3i - this is largely down to the tracks. In softer ground conditions the tracks will have much better tractive effort, whereas wheels are much more likely to spin, and not only get stuck but also ruin the subbase.

VOGELE's medium standard paver is the 1600-3i. This particular machine is part of the VOGELE Universal class. Economical, ergonomic and eco-friendly; there is nothing not to like about this machine. Due to the high-quality drive components, manoeuvrability is excellent and therefore this machine can handle anything from medium to large projects with ease. Another Universal Class member, the 1800-3i, also exceeds all expectations. It is the most powerful tracked paver in the class, which is why it is so popular among industry experts.

Much like the 1600-3i, the 1800-3i uses separate hydraulic drives too. These high quality separate hydraulic drives mean that the paver can perform outstandingly well at all times - the traction drive units are directly integrated into the sprockets of the crawler tracks, and so engine output is translated into pave speed without any loss of power.

Long crawler tracks with large footprints on both pavers provide maximum traction, which allow the pavers to progress well at a constant speed even over tough terrain, therefore leading to less downtime. Whilst these two pavers are larger than the 800-3i and 1300-3i, cornering is still exceptionally accurate thanks to the separate drives and electronic controls. The maximum pave width that AP Pavers can provide is up to 9m with the 1800-3i, so it really is possible to cater for most situations.

AP Pavers are proud to be able to offer any of these pavers for long or short term hires. We now have the largest tracked paver fleet in the UK, and with continued investment and expansion we look forward to welcoming even more tracked machines from VOGELE in the future.


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