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The Super 800-3

The super 800-3 is an extremely compact small paver that can tackle a wide variety of applications. From narrow tracks through to railway lines and in between buildings, the super 800-3 excels in tight spaces.

The price/performance ratio makes this paver the ideal choice in towns and cities as well as for landscaping applications, making it particularly attractive to local authority contractors.

Thanks to an overall height of less than 2m, the 800-3 can operate in low spaces and under canopy roofs. A clearance width of just 1.4m means that narrow entrances or gateways can be negotiated with ease. Furthermore, with an outer track gauge of only 1.14m this mini paver has no issues paving in a milled strip of a small milling machine.

Some key points to note about the 800-3 are:

  • Powerful and cost efficient

  • Positive tracking and precise steering

  • High level of pre-compaction

  • Several feed options with asymmetrical material hopper

  • Ideal option for highly confined sites

  • Wide range of paving applications from 0.5-3.5m

  • Simple and easy operation

This highly evolved paver is perfectly equipped to handle even the most difficult conditions - the asymmetrical material hopper allows the mini paver to be easily fed with mix in extremely confined spaces.

The 55.4kW Deutz diesel engine provides a more powerful and cost-efficient paver than previous models, and coupled with a laydown rate of up to 300 tonnes per hour means that the Vogele 800-3 excels in its class.

It is hard to think of any negatives about this mini paver. It is supremely versatile and can carry out works in the smallest of spaces just as well as it can on a main road; coupled with Wirtgen�s advanced technology means that the 800-3 is fast, reliable and offers unbeatable quality of finish.

Keep an eye on our social media outlets for some announcements in relation to our V�gele 800-3�s very soon!


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