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The Mighty Mini

If this was the car, it would be a Cooper S.

Just because something is small doesn't necessarily mean it can't out-perform its larger counterparts in this notoriously competitive industry.

This is proved to be true by AP Pavers mini track pavers, the VOGELE 800-3i's. When the going gets narrow, the 800-3i gets going. Large machines are hard to manoeuvre in small areas, whereas the VOGELE 800-3i handles this issue with ease.

"These pavers go where other pavers can't go," says Tom Rook, AP Pavers operator.

The VOGELE mini pavers are manufactured to get in and out with great maneuverability. No obstacle is too big a match for this paver; as with its well-conceived design, it is capable of paving within 5cm of the boundary - not only this, thanks to an overall height of less than 2m it can operate in low spaces and under canopy roofs. The dimensions of the 800-3i make it the ideal candidate for landscaping applications as well as for surfacing car parks, farm tracks, cycle paths and footpaths.

"The largest issue when paving asphalt on footpaths and cycle paths is the narrow widths and lack of space in which to maneuver. Thanks to the variable pave width, compact dimensions, and excellent maneuverability of the new SUPER 800-3i, we were fully equipped to tackle all operations in such conditions" - Tom continues.

The small clearance width of 1.4m means that even narrow entrances or gates are no obstacle. What's more, with its low outer track gauge of just 1.14m, the mini paver has no problem paving in the milled strip of a small milling machine such as the W130 from WIRTGEN.

This highly evolved paver is perfectly equipped to handle even the most difficult conditions - the asymmetrical material hopper allows the mini paver to be easily fed with mix in extremely confined spaces. And thanks to the perfectly designed operator's stand, the paver operator always has a clear view of all vital paving processes.

The Niveltronic Basic system is also included in this paver - an automated grade and slop control system to match the ErgoBasic operating concept. It is fully integrated into the machines control system and is very easy to use, it comes equipped with a separate remote control unit for each side of the screed. The remote control unit for Niveltronic Basic, when not in use, can be attached to one of the magnetic holders on the right and left of the screed or to the operator's stand so that it is always within easy reach. The screed available for the VOGELE 800-3i is the AB220TV unit and this can be used for paving widths from from 0.5-2.2m.

The 55.4kW Deutz diesel engine provides a more powerful and cost-efficient paver than previous models, and coupled with a laydown rate of up to 300 tonnes per hour means that the VOGELE 800-3 excels in its class.

In AP Pavers opinion is hard to think of any negatives about this mini paver. It is supremely versatile and can carry out works in the smallest of spaces just as well as it can on a main road; coupled with Wirtgen's advanced technology means that the 800-3 is fast, reliable and offers unbeatable quality of finish.

AP Pavers has an ever-increasing fleet of the latest 800-3i with various screed options available to meet customer requirements. Whether it is laying with laser leveling for extreme tolerance work such as tennis courts, or additional lights for night work, we have every option available for the customer.


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