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The cost of a Paver

There is a lot of brand myopia in the industry and just because the various brands produce pavers, it doesn't mean that they produce cost-effective and reliable asphalt pavers.

"I've always only bought Bitelli or ABG/Volvo"

Many people cling to old habits and are reluctant to try new products, even when their current provider delivers poor service and support. It is imperative that people look for the best possible machine available, otherwise they will get left behind.

Things have now become tighter and margins are less. It's harder to make money in a market that has recessed. People look at their bottom lines and think, "How can I increase my profits and increase efficiency with the underlying reliability expectation?" with asphalt pavers, the natural thing is to look at running costs and cycle time.

There is no logic to producing a paver and claiming solely that its 'practical production rate capability' is greater, but it's going to cost you more in terms of acquisition, servicing and fuel when there is no core benefit in having the higher production paver in your fleet. You may possibly have to service it twice as often, thus incurring additional servicing costs. Extra fuel consumption may also impact heavily. Overall, it's definitely a difficult balancing act when considering a paver purchase.

VOGELE traditionally produce pavers incorporating a host of advanced intelligent technologies engineered specifically to increase quality and production of paving. These range from the 'ErgoPlus' systems to eco-friendly engine managements, to 'smart' options tailored to enhance utilisation and performance.

As an alternative to the traditional way of thinking to purchase, AP Pavers have several different ways of hiring including: Contract Hire, Long Term Hire, Spot day and R&M packages.

This enables AP to bring all the latest models from the wide VOGELE range of asphalt pavers to the rental market. Therefore the customer can always be sure that they have the most efficient, technically advanced paver available to carry out the works without having to purchase a paver of their own and have all the issues associated with owning -as mentioned above. It is so much easier to hire from AP Pavers.

So whether you are considering using the smallest paver available, or one of the largest pavers, VOGELE will always have the right paver for the right job. And with the UK's largest fleet of pavers for hire, you can trust the AP Pavers will have the most suitable paver readily available for you.


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