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Size really does matter...

Mini, Midi, Standard or SprayJet?

Many misconceptions about pavers are that one size fits all. This is simply not the case, as nowadays these specialist pavers are built with a specific purpose in mind and to fit into certain situations.

The Mini (800-3i) paver is the smallest of the VOGELE pavers, with a standard width of 1.2m - 2.2m. This can be extended by a further metre to 3.2m with extension boxes, and this option can be used as a short-term solution when a midi is not available or space does not allow for a midi paver. A popular choice with many contractors, as the price/performance ratio is outstanding. It is an ideal option for within both towns and cities, and also for any landscaping applications. Known for fitting just about anywhere.

If you are thinking on a slightly larger scale then the VOGELE Midi (1300-3i & 1303-3i) paver is the one for you. Known as the 'middle-sized' paver, it can adapt to most situations easily. It is small enough to fit in reasonably tight areas, however can also easily substitute for a Standard when necessary. Part of the compact class, this paver is exceptionally versatile thanks to its size. It can handle a wide range of areas - anything from a cycling path or farm track, to a busy road.

The VOGELE 1800-3i and 1803-3i aka "Standard" paver is the archetypal paver envisioned when thinking about a paver. They are big, heavy-duty machines; capable of laying a whole host of different materials on huge expanses of road. With a maximum pave width of 10m, and actual machine length of just 6m, this machine can handle anything from a motorway to a roundabout. Offered in both a wheeled and tracked version, allowing for work on all types of ground.

The latest edition to our fleet is the VOGELE 1800-3i SprayJet - part of VOGELE's Special Class. This exceptional paver is renowned for having become the most innovative paver there is. This totally unique paver sprays a thin asphalt overlay as well as conventional binder and surface courses. This unbelievably versatile paver is only available for UK hire from AP Pavers, and if you want an exceptionally well-built road - this is the only paver you should use.

So how do you know which paver is the one for you? Here are just a few easy questions to ask yourself first: How big is the area you are wanting to use this paver on, and how accessible is it? How stable is the current surface, and what will you be laying on it? If you can answer these questions then you can't go too far wrong.

However, many people do not necessarily know which paver they need when hiring, assuming that a paver is a paver, and it is as simple as that. The knowledge needed to make this judgement should not be underestimated, however the very experienced team at AP Pavers would be happy to advise on any job and suggest the paver most suitable.

Give us a call on 01889 560920 to discuss any hire requirements, we look forward to hearing from you!


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