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Plane, simple and very compact

It's that time of year again folks. Cold winter climates send the road maintenance industry into a mad frenzy, as all around the country surface damage is increasing with each freeze-thaw.

Suddenly potholes pop up for no apparent reason all over the place, and what were initially just small cracks, have begun spreading across the entire width of the road.

But fear not, there is a solution. As there is no preventative as such yet, all that can be done is repairs. Cold planer attachments mounted on a skid steer loader, (as demonstrated in the image below of AP Pavers Bobcat T590) are perfect tools for amending road damage where only small areas need to be milled. These attachments are essential in road construction nowadays, where a large planer cannot provide the accuracy and detail needed across such confined spaces, or be considered as a cost-effective option when only working on these small areas.

The sole purpose of the cold planer is to remove layers of asphalt and concrete. In cases where repair is necessary, the damaged area can be milled down as much as is needed and then refilled and leveled out.

The attachment easily substitutes for a dedicated machine in confined areas where a large unit would not fit or where weight might restrict operation. Removing road surfaces with jackhammers and backhoes damages the other layers - one of the key issues with using the excavator type attachment.

The Bobcat T590 is the solution to this dilemma and operates in a league of its own. All AP Pavers Bobcats are fully equipped with the latest technology with a strong focus on comfort - these are not just any old Bobcats, these Bobcats have precision-controlled attachments by joystick.

All-round visibility is now available; there is now much less chance of human error as you can see exactly where the tracks are without having to move. Overall operation is therefore much improved thanks to having much better working sight lines. Controlling the cab environment? Easy. The operator can adjust the working temperature to suit, improving comfort levels and therefore increasing productive output as the operator is in a position where they feel more effective.

The planer attachment that we use in connection with our Bobcat T590s is highly sought after. Essentially it provides the effectiveness of a large planer, at a fraction of the size - and can therefore be more precise on those jobs where a large planer cannot access. It is a relatively inexpensive piece of kit, and maintenance costs are low - unlike dedicated planers.

The planer attachment is also extremely versatile and durable, delivering high torque for maximum cutting and milling performance. Increased hydraulic horsepower is available within our 'high flow' model, and the Bobcat can therefore cope with high production demands with ease.

All of our Bobcat T590s come with their own dedicated, experienced planer operatives. This ensures performance is always exemplary, at all times, in all places. This is now the most cost effective way of maintaining the UK's existing road network, and AP Pavers are able to provide our Bobcats and attachments nationwide to you, on a long or short-term basis.

Give us a ring on 01889 560920 and we would be happy to help!


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