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Fume Extraction - a Safer Workforce

At AP Pavers we are constantly working to improve the working environment for our teams, this is why we are investing in more fume extraction systems for our pavers. All new tracked pavers have this system pre-installed, and our wheeled pavers will in future have fume extraction systems installed as standard.

The system works by using a fume intake, with a fan located directly behind it, on both the left and the right hand side of the auger channel. The fan captures and transports the fumes via two tubes to the top of the paver where they are then released. This means that the air in the operators working environment is significantly cleaner than it previously was.

Fumes will be substantially reduced; however, this will not impede the ability of the paver to run very economically. There will be little to no increase in noise, and the visibility into the auger channel will not be affected at all.

Not only are the noise levels low, but there are no increased levels of heat to the operator station. These friendly working conditions reduce and prevent operators from making errors whilst maintaining maximum operator efficiency.


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